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Ankle Fracture Treatment

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Ankle Fracture Treatment Options in Glendale, CA:

A broken ankle generally refers to an injury to one or several of your ankle bones. This can happen for many reasons, ranging from a simple misstep to a bicycle fall or car crash. Some breaks manifest in tiny fracture in your bones. A more serious break may involve your bone piercing your skin. If you experience immediate throbbing pain, swelling, pain that increases with activity, tenderness, or any kind of ankle deformity, call us right away so that we can provide a comprehensive evaluation and recommend proper treatment.

A severely broken ankle may require surgery to implant plates, rods or screws into the broken bone. Treatment for less severe breaks may include immobilizing the bone while it heals using a cast or a removable brace. In the case of a displaced fracture, a physician may need to manipulate the bone pieces back into their proper positions. This may involve giving you a muscle relaxant, a sedative, or even general anesthesia before the procedure.

Self-diagnosis of ankle injuries is not advised. Right equipment, resources, and experience are needed for an accurate diagnosis. Most ankle fractures can be easily seen on an X-ray. However, we may recommend a CT scan or an MRI to assess complicated fractures or breaks. These sophisticated tools help us determine the very best treatment for you.

You may be at higher risk of a broken foot or ankle if you participate in high-impact sports, do not warm up properly, or if you suddenly increase your activity level. People in certain occupations are at risk as well – such as construction workers. A cluttered or poorly lit home can lead to falls and foot injuries, and you could be at increased risk if your bone density has been compromised.

An ankle injury that is not properly treated could lead to complications, such as arthritis, bone infection, nerve or blood vessel damage, or compartment syndrome (a rare complication causing pain, swelling, and possible disability in surrounding muscles). Don’t take the risk! Call us so that we can set you on the right course for recovery!

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    "As a retired physician, I was extremely pleased. I was extremely delighted at everything that came out, and I've referred patients here in the past."
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    "The Rehabilitation after the surgery was wonderful and the support of staff that Dr. Weber has working in his office are very well trained people."
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    "They've taken extremely good care of me. We've had therapy three times a week, and I feel like the Queen of Sheba sitting here, having them take care of me."
    -Derelys H.

    * Each individual’s treatment and results will vary based on the circumstances, the patients’ specific situation, and goals.

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