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Treating Flat Feet and Collapsed Arches: Options near Glendale, CA

Most people don’t pay attention to their feet until there is a problem. In fact, many people have flatfeet and don’t even realize it until they begin to experience pain. If the arches on the inside of your feet are flattened – in other words, if the entire soles of your feet touch the floor when standing – you have flatfeet. This condition sometimes happens if the arches don’t develop properly during childhood. Sometimes the condition is the result of an injury or is a simple consequence of aging.

While treatment isn’t always necessary unless you experience pain, flatfeet can eventually lead to swelling and other complications in your ankles and knees and can affect the alignment of your legs. While most people’s arches develop in childhood, some people’s arches never do. Arches can also deteriorate over time when the tendon that supports your arch weakens with age.

Some of the risk factors of flatfeet include obesity, foot or ankle injury, arthritis, and diabetes.

If you are in pain, we may recommend imaging tests to help us accurately diagnose the condition and offer a treatment plan.

It is important not to ‘self-treat’ flatfeet without professional guidance. The right treatment can make your life and healing process more comfortable; the wrong treatment can cause further complications.

We can offer different treatment options such as arch supports, stretching exercises, supportive shoes, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery…when there is a needed to correct an associated problem such as a torn or ruptured tendon. Don’t delay! Take the first step to recovery and call us today!

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    "As a retired physician, I was extremely pleased. I was extremely delighted at everything that came out, and I've referred patients here in the past."
    -Dr. Wolfe
    Patient/ Retired Physician

    "The Staff is fabulous, they welcome you like you are part of your family."

    -Lisa C.

    "My feet look beautiful, and I'm very, very happy! Great results!"

    -Philip and Christine
    "Any Kind of question or concern that you have about your foot issues - they're addressed immediately. I've been very impressed with this whole process."
    -Martha F.

    "The Rehabilitation after the surgery was wonderful and the support of staff that Dr. Weber has working in his office are very well trained people."
    -Edward S. CRNA

    "They've taken extremely good care of me. We've had therapy three times a week, and I feel like the Queen of Sheba sitting here, having them take care of me."
    -Derelys H.

    * Each individual’s treatment and results will vary based on the circumstances, the patients’ specific situation, and goals.

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