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Ulcers on Your Feet: Special Concerns and Treatment Options

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Ulcers on Your Feet: Special Concerns and Treatment Options in Glendale, CA:

Feet can pick up many minor wounds on a routine basis, but most of us ignore them. However even minor injuries on feet should be taken seriously, especially if you are diabetic or have poor circulation. Minor wounds CAN cause big problems!

Due to poor blood flow, diabetes and other conditions can lead to serious complications. Poor circulation can contribute to nerve damage, or neuropathy. Damaged nerves can deaden sensation so that some wounds may not even be felt when they develop.

These factors create a dangerous combination. As a wound goes unnoticed and fails to heal, it increases the possibility of infection. In severe cases, the consequences can be dire. The rate of amputation in those with diabetes is many times higher than those who do not have the disease, and in most cases infected sores are to blame.

The sooner a foot wound is discovered, the easier it can be treated. After an examination of the wound, sore, or ulcer, we will discuss with you best options for treatment and healing. Treatment will depend on the size and severity of the injury, and may include the use of a biologic wound matrix. This is a lab-created tissue that can interact with an injury to stimulate and aid healing. In a most cases, the use of a matrix can produce good results on non-healing wounds, and does not require any sort of painful grafting. Other more advanced forms of treatment are also available.

To provide full care, however, the cause of the wound and its slow healing rate must be understood and addressed. This may involve recommendations to see other specialists who can help focus on the underlying causes of the condition.

When it comes to diabetes, neuropathy, or circulatory problems, any wound or sore found on the foot must be treated seriously. We are experts in wound care and prevention. We can help heal long-lasting wounds and provide guidance on keeping them from happening in the first place. Don’t take any chances…call us and schedule and an appointment today!

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    * Each individual’s treatment and results will vary based on the circumstances, the patients’ specific situation, and goals.

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